viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

LovingCosmetic-12 week challenge : 3rd week

Hello lovely readers! This week's manicure was:
                        INSPIRED BY FLAGS
Getting an idea for this manicure was quite difficult. As you could see in other manicures that I made, I always want to use different colours, trying to make the manicure look a bit more elegant and also original. So I finally painted typical flags, but I changed their colours into gold, pearl white,  and matt black.

Thumb: Japan's flag ( It could be why not? haha)
Index finger: Canadian's flag.
Middle finger: the Union Jack
Ring finger: USA's flag
Little finger: It can be every flag that has horizontal stripes

And these are the polishes that I used:
( Essence 002 stamp me! black, Catrice 840 Genius In The Bottle, Primark)
I know that the Essence polish is for stamping but I wanted to try it as a normal polish, and it worked very good.
What do you think about this? Let me know with your comments! xx.

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  1. Muy bonita! :D justo me compré el Genius in a bottle hace nada :D

    1. A mi me encanta aunque no he conseguido el mismo efecto que en la botella:)

  2. Pues muy original los colores.

  3. te han quedado muy originales y bonitas!!!desde ya te sigo!!
    tambien participo en el reto te invito a visitar mi blog...espero que te guste!!!
    besitos y feliz dia wapa!!

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  5. Tienes un premio en mi blog (el otro mensaje no valía)