martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

LovingCosmetic- 12 week challenge : 4th and 5th weeks

Hi!As I recently posted, last week I couldn't post the manicure because I was sick and I had a lot of exams, so I'm going to post it this week. Third week's theme was:
                            INSPIRED BY DISNEY
The first thing I thought about was Minnie. I was going to make it using red, white and black. But then I saw a picture of baby Minnie, and I decide to use pastel colours. I painted Minnie's bow in the thumb and I the middle finger and dots with a dotting tool in the index finger and in the little one. In the ring finger I tried to paint the shape of Mickey's head, but I could't capture it well.

These are the polishes that I used:

Late again, I'm so sorry:(
             Fourth's week manicure theme was:
                           INSPIRED BY A VIDEOGAME
I was looking for some inspiration, when I saw this beautiful design on One Nail To Rule Them All.
I asked her if I could do her  pacman design, and here it is!
 In this photo it's difficult to appreciate the design so I added another photo:

Hope you like it! 

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  1. Me gustan las dos manicuras, al ser diferentes no me puedo quedar sólo con una, pero la de Minnie es monísima :)
    Un beso desde

    1. Yo también prefiero la de minnie, la otra me dio mucho trabajo jaja